MQWeb 0.0.9 released

2 March 2014

Today MQWeb 0.0.9 is released. You can download this release from Github.

This is a list of the major changes:

  • AngularJS is used instead of KnockOut for the built-in webpages.
  • A URI for a JSON request starts with /api.
  • A URI for a built-in webpage starts with /web.
  • Add api’s for inquiring listeners, listener status and queuemanager status.
  • Browsing a message is limited to 16K.
  • POCO is now statically linked.
  • add qmgr commandline argument
  • add port commandline argument

Read more on MQWeb

Zumuta! uses Jekyll

27 December 2013

Jekyll From today Zumuta! is using Jekyll to generate a static blog website. I have currently little time to create a dynamic website for Zumuta!. That’s why this website didn’t change a lot. Writing content for a static website is cumbersome. Some days ago, while reading on using project pages on Github, I found Jekyll. Jekyll transforms plain text (Markdown) into static websites and blogs. I started on writing project pages for MQWeb and thought “Why don’t I use this for Zumuta!”. So here it is, the first post written in Markdown format and generated for you with Jekyll.