The first computer I saw was a Commodore 64. This computer made me decide to follow computer science at school. In 1989 I finished my bachelor degree for informatics at the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool.

My first working experience was at the Belgian army. Yes, in 1990, military service still existed. I developed a system in Clipper for storing medical prescriptions in a Dbase database.

On my LinkedIn profile you can read my full career. I started working for KBC in 1991. I’ve done development in C/C++, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, … Since 2004 I’m part of the EAI team and develop programs for Websphere MQ and Managed File Transfer.

My opensource experience started with wxWidgets. I wrote some tutorials and decided to write a port to JavaScript: wxJavaScript. When wxWidgets abandonned the Data libraries I looked for a replacement and I found POCO. Because wxJavaScript became more then wxWidgets the name was changed into GLUEscript: Glueing libraries to ECMAScript. While working on GLUEscript, I learned to write server side applications with Apache and C/C++.

In 2010 I started the MQWeb project. This project was started as a test that my idea to interact with Websphere MQ using just a browser works. The JSON library written for MQWeb was contributed to POCO 1.5.2. In 2011 I wrote a MongoDB module for GLUEscript and I used this experience to write a MongoDB library for POCO. This is also part of POCO 1.5.2.

GLUEscript is currently on hold. My main focus now goes to the MQWeb project and the modules I contributed to POCO.

In 2015 I contributed a Redis module to POCO.

In 2019 I still work with IBM MQ, MQWeb and POCO. At work I’m rewriting the MQWeb portal in Python and Vue.

I also manage websites for some societies/clubs. I’ve used Drupal , Joomla, CakePHP, Laravel, Slim and Jekyll.